Welcome to my website that tells about my analogue photography. In addition to experience in analogue photography, it is also about being able to share spontaneous impressions that are collected around the topic of photography.

Ever since I started analogue photography again not too long ago, the importance of this type of photography has quickly become very clear to me again. It’s something that doesn’t really compare to digital photography.

Despite all the little annoyances that can certainly arise from time to time with analogue photography, the beauty of an individual creative process remains. Particularly influenced by the individual moments that take place in front of the camera.

As soon as you have loaded the film, focused on a subject and pressed the shutter release, you experience the uniqueness of the moment. Which can now have become much more than can ever be brought about by series after series of digital shots in order to achieve a perfection that can never really exist.

That’s why I created this blog, but of course also to present my own photographs that were taken during the experience of analogue photography.

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