The photography I’m currently doing is mostly not about static moments and their shots. Specifically, in street photography.

Mostly quite mobile in movement themselves, it is more about capturing the flow of life. If possible, of course, unadulterated and direct. Even if this is not always possible with certain photographs.

As soon as a human subject comes into close proximity and appears to be cut out of a whole, it is important to ask in advance whether a photograph is permitted, unless it has been predominantly clearly signalled by facial expressions and gestures, especially in the case of portraits. Moments, feelings and modes of expression that should nevertheless be made public.

Other moments, which are often unexpected, for another person maybe appear again as something different, which often also take place in the person himself without others having to know about it. And others, which are immediately obvious to everyone, shared in joy but also in sorrow.

And it doesn’t always contain exactly what could have been expected by a person himself. So it is always a fate in life, how a person perceives and experiences it himself.

The actual art of photographing in this way also lies in not letting the liveliness of the moment get lost. Life is truly in the people themselves, in their everyday life, in the flow of life of each individual. Consciously or unconsciously experienced.

So although a shot is sometimes rather posed, in most cases this phenomenon of life still remains as an objective emotional state that cannot be lost at a moment. An expression that makes up a person’s personality, to be in the right place in life over the years.

And no matter how different these paths of life may be, humanity often shows itself in simply taking part in the moments that await people, or often unexpectedly left in existence. With everything everyday, to have recognized the specialness of life, of a moment, and certainly to have lived it.

Also, and especially when this does not always seem so clearly possible. Many a photograph should then simply be omitted in order to have a quiet moment, no matter how public it may be, in order to have its intimacy intact.

Of course, photography is also about showing social grievances, it is an image of reality that is simply part of life.

But in doing so, the flow of life, as it happens from time to time, as well as the person himself, should always be respected as a whole. After all, photography is about preserving the uniqueness of the moment, which certainly cannot be forced, through photography.

And so for me, photography is often about taking the necessary time for it, otherwise also by waiting, by pausing, in order to feel very clearly for yourself how life is going on. Above all, however, it is about seeing people for themselves as they are and how they live.

And then you take the time
To reach just one thing,
That is human, who is alive

Some moments that fail
But life is always true,
Look at all this moments

Moments, that are unreal
Wonder, about the life,
But see, those life is true. 

Sebastian Moritz
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